Need someone to just listen? Have a specific problem to address?

Sometimes we all just need an ear to bounce ideas off of or to even just vent.  Therapy does not have to be long term or even about changing long-term patterns.  It can be a short 1-3 sessions to help address very specific goals or to give you space to just release stress/frustration/anxiety/etc.  Life can throw us curve balls and it can be nice to have a trusted individual there to help us get through it.

I have done short term therapy for many different reasons some of the most common are:

Stress related to an upcoming deadline,

Anxiety related to a certain event,

Co-worker/Superisor issues,

Parenthood related stress,

Preperation for an upcoming job or school interview,

Making a major decision between two or three choices.

These are just some of the reasons people use short-term therapy.  This can be helpful for people not experiencing any major safety concerns (not feeling suicidal ideation or any major addiction concerns) and who have a specific problem they would like to work on.

Typically this process starts with a brief over the phone discussion to ensure that this type of therapy is a good fit and that you feel comfortable working with me.  By the end of this phone discussion a clear goal will be formulated and a plan of the next sessions will be created.  Sessions can be via phone, Skye or in person, whatever is convenient for you!  I can help you role play, problem solve, point out pieces you might be missing or even just listen, empathize and provide support.  If this is something you would like to set up just click on Ready to Start