Couple's Therapy from an Emotionally Focused Therapy Perspective.

 All relationship work that I do is from an attachment filter.  Meaning that I believe that all humans want to feel love and connected to other humans and almost everything we do is to foster and create that.  Sometimes we have had past experiences that scare us, make us more weary or cause us to feel insecure and those experiences can prevent us from having fulfilling partnerships.  Emotionally focused therapy helps slow down that pattern between yourself and your partner(s) to increase understand and also increase the feeling of connectiveness and safety.

This is a research based therapeautic practice whose skills have been shown to continue to help improve the relationship even long after therapy has been completed.   It also is extremely non-shaming or blaming.  The belief that we are all doing our best to be connected helps remove the "fault" and also potentially heal from past trauma that has occured within the relationship.  We can use this innate desire of being attached to others to help heal and improve ANY relationship.  Many couple's come into my office feeling hopeless or stating that they are stuck and do not know how to fix it.  Together we can explore what is happening in your relationship, the desire/needs of each partner and also help increase those times you feel supported/heard/respected by your partner..even in tough situations!

I am in the process of obtaining my certification in EFT therapy and currently belong to the Oregon EFT community.  For more information I also recommend you check out What is EFT? and look at reading either Hold me Tight or Love Sense written by Sue Johnson the creator of Emotionally Focused Therapy.


To begin couple's therapy please email or call me today to schedule a brief phone session.  Just click on Ready to Start to begin this process.


I am inclusive to all adult relationships.