Lacy is a native Oregonian who still gets frustrated by all the rain!  She enjoys traveling, and she has done relief work in many different countries.  She enjoys meeting new people, cuddling with her dog, and trying to not kill her garden every year.  She is passionate about building community in Portland and is active in the local food movement.                                        

Lacy believes that everyone wants to lead a life of value and fulfillment, and she applies this belief to her therapeutic practices.  She applies this principal to both individuals and couples in therapy.  She enjoys being an active part of her client's therapy and is not a clinician who sits back and nods her head.  She enjoys pointing out clients' strength, helping them process past experiences and learn new tools so that they can start to lead lives where they feel fulfilled and satisfied.  She works with couples to help them learn how to build on the positives and also re-establish a joint partnership. Lacy enjoys also working "outside the box" so if traditional therapy is not a good fit for you feel free to contact her to see if she can work with you to provide counseling support

Lacy completed her masterʼs degree in Clinical Psychology from Pacific University, where she received training in Psychodynamic Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT), and Exposure Therapy.  She has experience treating depression, anxiety, addiction issues and providing couples’ therapy which she used Emotionally Focused Therapy to help treat.  Lacy loves working with all populations including those transitioning genders and/or who identify as queer. She is currently a licensed professional counselor in the state of Oregon.

Lacy believes that all people want to feel loved, appreciated and safe. Using the therapeutic relationship, she helps individuals work through lifelong patterns that prevent them from feeling this way and helps them to build skills and techniques to stop these negative patterns from reoccurring.

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