PSU Health Resource Fair 2011

The Portland State Queer Resource Center hosted this exciting themed health event, “Love Yourself”.  LINKtherapy was excited to share with students that they had an option to receive counseling!  Currently Portland State’s Counseling center has over a month wait so many students were excited that another option was available.  We shared some ‘Fair Fighting Rules’ with participants…just incase they didn’t receive the valentine’s gift they wanted.  Ha!  We also were able to talk OHSU & National College of Natural Medicine about some projects they have going on in the community.  If you know anyone who is HIV positive or has AIDS please have them contact Partnership Project for some great services, both medical and natural supports.  The National College of Natural Medicine also provides alternative health care services for great prices!  It was a very fun event and we were glad we were invited.  Thanks Portland State!